Industrial (Bailey Valves) Valve Repair and Valve Parts

The Alternative Source

Don't be trapped Into a Sole Supplier situation. You DO have a choice in picking your source for your industrial valve repair and valve parts. 

Specializing in Bailey Valves

Since our inception, Manico has supplied internal components and replacement parts for Bailey control valves.  Example Bailey Part Number 7130014D1 valve plug

Valve Rebuilds

Let Manico rebuild your valve assemblies to "as new" condition. Rebuilt and Guaranteed.

Same warranty as the OEM!

Valve Trim Parts

Cages, Seat Rings, Plugs & Stems, Pins and Guides...and more!

All your Stainless Steel parts manufactured with precision to the thousandths!! 


Reconditioning Components
Total Rebuilding of Valve Assemblies
New Desuperheaters and Parts
New Coal Flow Meters (bailey valves) industrial valves Valve Parts

Engineering and Consulting

At Manico, we believe nothing is obsolete! 

Finding a solution to your industrial problems, big or small, are important to us.

Customer Service is our #1 priority!

valve cages, stems and plugs

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